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Lakeview in IL has a population of almost 95,000. In 2013 Money Magazine named Lake View number 3 on its list of top 10 Big-City neighborhoods for its selection of Best Places to Live. Lakeview is most popularly known as the home of Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs baseball team.
Lake View is unofficially divided into smaller neighborhood enclaves: Lakeview East, North Halstead, West Lakeview and Wrigleyville.

Lakeview East is an area well-defined by upscale condominiums; high rent mid-rise apartments and loft spaces, along Lake Shore Drive and Broadway. There are a number of businesses, boutiques and restaurants located along North Halstead and North Broadway.

North Halstead is a business district. Along Southport Avenue, there are entertainment places and affordable real estate, which keeps the community young and lively. North Halstead is an area that caters to the nightlife of Chicago and has over sixty bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

West Lakeview is on the border of the Roscoe Village area. The area is common with pop culture and affordable living space. The most popular attraction in the neighborhood is the Music Box Theater. Today the site is considered to be the Chicago year-round film festival venue.

Wrigleyville neighborhood entirely surrounds Wrigley Field and is home to Wrigley Rooftops, which are bleacher seats on top of homes and businesses that sell seats to people to watch baseball games. The bars, clubs and restaurants in the neighborhood take their theme from the sports culture and the area has been the site for many Hollywood movies.

A majority of Lake View’s public transportation needs are met by the Chicago Transit Authority, which provides resident and visitor access to the Red Line, Purple Line and Brown Line services of the Chicago Elevated railway rapid transit. The three Lake View stations are Addison, Belmont and Wellington.

Residents are served by Chicago Public Schools. K-8 schools serving the area include Agassiz, Hamilton, Ravenswood, Nettelhorst, Blaine, and Burley. Most residents are zoned to Lake View High School while some are zoned to Lincoln Park High School